Parkville College
Unlimited Potential.



Parkville Campus

The Parkville Campus is located within the Parkville Youth Justice Precinct.  It is a maximum-security facility, housing both males and females. Predominantly, youth at the Parkville Campus are on remand. 

malmsbury Campus

The Malmsbury Campus is based approximately 100 kilometres north of Melbourne. Across two distinct sites, Malmsbury Campus accommodates sentenced young men aged 15-21 years in high security units, and low and medium security residential units. 



The Consortium comprises of two Secure Welfare Services (SWS) and a Flexible Learning Centre (FLC).

The two SWS campuses provide education and supports to vulnerable and at-risk young boys and girls aged between 10 to 17 years of age. Secure Welfare Services (SWS) form part of a continuum of strengthened care and protection services for child protection clients, who are at a substantial and immediate risk of harm. The aim of Secure Welfare is to keep children safe whilst a suitable case plan is established; to reduce the risk of harm, and return them to the community as soon as possible, in a safe and planned way.

The FLC is a transitional campus located outside of the Parkville Campus, designed for young people who have been involved with the youth justice system, or Secure Welfare Services, in a co-educational setting. At the FLC, short to long-term transitional programs are provided for vulnerable young people who are experiencing difficulty finding educational or employment pathways in their local communities.